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Sport England Projects

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Sport England is an organization which aims at helping people all over England to have a sporting culture such that they often engage in physical activity. Through the aid of funds derived from the central Government as well as the national lottery, they work towards providing support to good causes in sports.

Projects that qualify for aid from Sport England are those that gear towards helping people aged fourteen and above engage in sports. The initiatives should also focus on developing the talent of gifted individuals through training and other forms of support. Sport England also helps in the development of sporting facilities throughout the country to enable people to have grounds where their talents can get nurtured.

They award grants to initiatives ranging from hundreds of pounds which people can use to buy sporting gear all the way to millions of pounds which can get utilized in the development of sports centers.

Active nation

This organization gears towards ensuring that in the decades to come, more people will be engaged in sports. As such, the obesity rates in our children will reduce significantly, and they can lead healthy lives. Sports also enable our children to be more confident and to make social connections which allow them to lead happier lives.
Mental health and physical activity have a secure connection, and the organization seeks to improve the psychological well-being of people by having them engage in sports. By participating in physical activity, people get to experience a reduction in their stress levels, an improvement in their mood stability, an increase in self-esteem, a slow-down in the development of conditions such as dementia and it reduces the chances of depression.
The Active Nation initiative also aims at empowering women by showing them that they are capable of much more than they think they can. Through the use of exercise, women get to interact with each other, share experiences and help one another deal with their struggles in life.

School games

The organization enables children to be more active in sports by getting them to participate in school games which include intra-school, inter-school, festivals and national events. In all these activities, children get to compete with each other as they seek to win various awards.
Lessons that get passed on to children when they take part in such activities include the importance of teamwork, why they should compete in a fair manner and the essence of hard work. Not only do children get to build their esteem but they also learn how to handle conflicts, and this enables them to become responsible members of the community.


This program gets its funding from the national lottery, and it aims at helping people find a sport that they enjoy. It aims at reaching people aged fourteen to twenty-five who are not active in sports. They take part in a free program that lasts an average of eight weeks where they get to try out a range of games. There is a lot of coaching involved in the process, and many people leave the program with a new found sport that they love.

With the excellent programs offered by Sport England, our young generation can finally exploit their talents as they learn vital lessons which they will pass on to the coming generations.