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Premier League Children Programs

premier league kids event

The plans involve the distribution of teaching materials to the institutions and they hope that they can reach all schools by the year 2020. In their program, Premier League Primary Stars, they plan to tie education and football in a bid to encourage children to have a positive attitude towards learning.

In a statement released by Richard Scudamore, a chief executive in the Premier League, the organizers of the program are confident that they can influence children to lead healthier lives. The premise of the program is to exploit the stable connections that children have with the premier league. Given that children look up to the famous footballers in the league, it will be easy to convince them to do what their favorite players do.

The clubs in the league undertake many projects in the community to make the lives of people better, and this is one such undertaking.

The scheme

The plan in the program will work in line with the curriculum, and it will get offered to both boys and girls aged five to eleven. The resources in the programs will get given to pupils at no cost, and they can scour through tons of reading material to help them get better at schoolwork.

After they have reached ten thousand schools by the year 2019, Scudamore says that they will increase their efforts to reach every child across England and Wales such that by the time we get to 2022, the program will exist in all of the European countries.

The reading materials in the program feature school lessons in math, PE, PSHE, and English. They come in the form of downloadable plans and videos which children can use as they study. For the schools which are near football training stadiums, they will have the advantage of an occasional visit from professional coaches who will help them out with their PE lessons.

Football and education

When children receive these programs and put them to use with the help of their teachers, they will be in a position to learn more and stay active. They will also get to develop essential life skills that will come in handy in the course of their lives.

When children lead healthy lives where they exercise on a regular basis, they get to maintain a healthy weight, have fun, connect socially and learn skills such as teamwork. Pupils will also get to meet some of their favorite football players who can talk to them and inspire them to go down the healthy route.

Physical activity helps children to let go of the stresses in their lives, thus enabling them to open up their minds in a way that they can grasp lessons at a faster rate. With this program, we can look forward to a future of healthy and intelligent children.

The initiative undertaken by the premier league is commendable, and we hope that more people will come in to help children get healthy over time.