High Peak MP Andrew Bingham spoke to pupils at Chinley Primary School last week about film, democracy and his role as a Member of Parliament, at a visit hosted by Into Film - a UK-wide education organisation supported by the BFI through Lottery funding.

During the visit, Andrew revealed that the film that most inspired him as a boy was Kes by critically acclaimed director Ken Loach, and recommended All the President’s Men and Cry Freedom as being a good films to watch about democracy. He also discussed with the youngsters themes in the film Animal Farm, which they watched during Parliament Week last November, and heard some of the students’ film reviews as well as answering their questions about what being a Member of Parliament entails.

Andrew said:

“Film can not only entertain, but also inform. So to have young people watching films at an early age not only helps in their education, but can also fire their imagination and creative abilities. It was nice to see such enthusiasm for film, and I would pay tribute to Chinley School for running a film club, and giving the children a chance to watch, enjoy, and learn from films such as Animal Farm, which they watched recently.”

Speaking about the benefit of the visit, teacher Carrie Eyre said:

“We believe the thoughtful process of shared discussion and review writing our children participate in as members of film club develops their inference, higher level thinking skills and writing skills. Today's event gave them the opportunity to find out about the importance of representation and the workings of our political system, as well as giving them the chance to think about open questions that probed films at a deeper level than they might usually be used to.”

Into Film puts film at the heart of children and young people's learning, contributing to their educational, cultural and personal development.  It offers numerous opportunities for teaching and learning through film including: free film clubs providing access to thousands of classic and popular films, dynamic curriculum linked and enrichment resources, guidance for filmmaking and film reviewing, special events and activities, and training and CPD for teachers.   

For further information about Into Film and to start an Into Film Club for free access to thousands of films and education resources visit www.intofilm.org or call  0330 313 7600

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