A couple of people have sent me campaign emails about beer duty and business rates.
I recognise the important contribution that pubs make to their local communities, and I welcome the Government's efforts to support this through the taxation system.
I was pleased to see tax on beer frozen in the 2016 Budget, and this follows an unprecedented cut in duty in each of the three preceding budgets and the removal of the beer duty escalator in 2013. This will continue the excellent work the Government has done to support local pubs and over 19,000 jobs.
In further help for the industry, I was pleased that, following a consultation, the Government decided that from 2020 business rates will be indexed around CPI. This is a change from the currently used RPI measure, and will represent a tax cut for all business each year from 2020.
The Chancellor continues to keep all taxes under review, and future decisions on tax policy are made as part of the Budget process. The next budget is on Wednesday 8th March, and I will of course pay close attention to any measures announced.

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