I have been forwarded various different campaign emails by a number of people, all concerning different amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill.

I consider calls for Parliament to be given a vote on the deal before it goes to the European Parliament, and to be handed a say if no agreement is reached, to be impractical. If deals were repeatedly rejected then the country would face years of uncertainty. In addition, if the rest of the EU knew that MPs and peers were able to hamper the process it would hamstring British negotiators during the two-year period, leading to a less favourable outcome.
I do not underestimate the complexity of negotiating our withdrawal and reaching new arrangements with the EU. I know that the Government's priorities in the months ahead will be to limit uncertainty during the transition, ensure that our new relationship with the EU works for all. At every step of the process I will work with my colleagues in Government to ensure the best possible outcome.  We should not, though, seek to tie the hands of the Government who are seeking to reach the best possible deal.

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