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Disney’s Healthy Living Commitment

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For decades, Walt Disney Company has bettered the lives of children by providing them with entertainment that ranges from amusement parks all the way to movies. The company wishes to be the leading entertainment source in the entire world for a very long time to come, bordering on infinity. In their quest for success, they work towards making the lives of people better which is something I deeply admire about them.

The issue of obesity amongst our younger generation has sparked interest in the company, and they have looked into ways that they can impact children’s’ lives positively. Disney understands that children need to be physically active for them to develop their brains and to remain fit. Instead of advocating for children to spend hours catching up on the latest movies, the company is working on exciting children about the thrill of the outdoors by formulating interesting exercises.

Summertime is a period where kids end up overindulging on junk foods, sleeping a lot and lazing around the house for hours on end. Such habits contribute to weight gain which comes with added complications without which children can do. So, how is Disney lending a helping hand?

The 10-minute shake ups

Have you heard of this program? I have to admit that I was quite delighted to learn of it when it came to be. This program got launched by Disney, and it works towards providing children with materials that can inspire them to lead active lives and to eat the appropriate foods. The exercises featured in the plan are great for both school days and holidays, and they will have your child up and about even without your supervision. The trick used by Disney is quite simple. The most prominent reason behind children shying away from physical activities is that they get bored in the process and they tend to lose interest as time goes on.

With this system, monotony is a thing of the past, and the tasks involved are stimulating. Kids have a stable connection to the characters they come across in Disney stories and movies, and the company seeks to exploit these foundations to inspire children to live healthily. Most primary schools in England have received the plans, and they are putting them to use.

The system works by incorporating exercise into the routine of a child such that they plan for when they will engage in some practice. There are worksheets, stickers, and passports in store for your child which they can use to schedule their activities during the holiday. Keeping track of the time spent exercising helps them know when they are on the right track.

Many games get featured in the plan, and children get to learn more about the Disney characters in the process. The system is appealing to children of all ages, and the amazing thing is that it also features relevant educational resources.

Children can now take charge of their health by using the 10-minute shake ups while in school and at home. I believe that this great plan by Disney will help our children get more fit over time.